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Techniques To Achieve Goal Faster

Hi, Today I am going to discuss 4 Technique, which may help you to focus on your goals to achieve them faster. My name is Nitesh Vishwa and I am a Motivational Speaker and a Human Potential Coach.

Well, In Today’s time people sometimes struggle to find out their right living and career opportunities and their right Path to follow. I had known few people who all had a lot of Positive energy and no procrastination at all, However still they could not grow in their life, despite of having good Business, Job with a Big Giants and MNC’s. Most of the time they only struggle, but they would never come out of this struggling phase of their life.

How They Can Come Out Of This Struggling Phase ?

This all happens because they just go with the flow and set their goals Irrespective of their Trade, Field, Business and Jobs, but what they don’t know is “How Our Brain Works.” Well, I am not saying that going with the flow is not the right thing, however identically it should not be the purpose of life at all and that’s why setting up a goal is important then even achieving that goal. In a Research it is explained already about ‘How our mind Functions’ and why we struggle.

Why Set Goals ?

Well, Top-level Athletes, Successful Businesspeople and Achievers of all Fields had set their goals, because setting up a goal would land you somewhere, whereas achieving 100% goal was completely skeptical, where you would just sit back and would not achieve anything without having one. Where they all had Confidence to do better and were improving everyday. According to a Research, Setting goals give you a Long-Term Vision and Short-Term Motivation . It helps you to focus on acquisition of knowledge, Helps you to organize your time and Your Resources, so that you can make the most of your life. I am going to explain that to you and I urge everyone to share, if you like this article and help others in setting their goals.

(a) Write Your Goal On A Vision Board Technique :-

Nobody has told us yet, that how our brain works toward our goals. Well, yes it is true that our brain reacts towards the things that we see, If we uphold our goal and put a notice board in front of us, where we put pictures or write our goals and achievements, then our brain would keep on creating things for us and would automatically work to search out an idea for us to keep moving, if we see it in front of us everyday.

As all we talk about commitment and everyone know how important they are to achieve something in your life, but how would you feel motivated towards your commitment, how would you give an unconscious signal to your brain to work towards it. There is only one way to give an Unconscious signal to your brain to work towards your commitment and that is a Notice Board.

Visual object of your commitment is most important to remind your Right Brain Unconsciously to work towards it. Brain is the most powerful tool in our body which can take us decades ahead or even back in time and make us realize its power. In a study it is clearly explained that our Left brain works on Logics, where our Right Brain works on Shapes and Imagination. We always had been told to think Logically, where we never been told to work on the creative part of our brain. If we give signals to both Of our Brain (Left Side/Right Side) and use it as an Enabler, then it will give us better results. Visual aids are Important to achieve your goals, so the Logical thinking is. So it is recommended to use it both ways.

(b) The Average Rule Of Statistic Technique

This Rule had worked for everyone, Irrespective of any Filed, Trade, Business and Job, However the ease in understanding this rule is tad more back breaking. I would always recommend people to see how Statistic works and find out The Average Rule of your success by yourself. For Ex – If a Salesmen would stand on a road and sell one of his company’s product, then the average selling rate would be 1:50. It means that if he would try to sell 50 people who are just passing by, then out of 50 people 1 guy would buy his product because it is The Rule of Statistic.

Now what happens to the most of the people that they would just Give-up after reaching maximum 10 people and would be imbued with negativity without even knowing The Rule Of 1:50. I am not saying that the ratio of 1:50 would work for everything, because every Field, Trade, Business and Job has a different rule of average, where you need to work and find out. I would Exhort you to find out The Average Rule for your goal, (For Ex – How many times you need to do what, to achieve something, specifically when you set your goal) Just find out the ratio, Is it 2:10, or 3:30, or 4:50 or if it is even 1:100. I can assure you that This Average Rule Of Statistic works and gives you 100% Guarantee of succeeding and it never fails.

(c) Primary Motivating Factor Technique

The Primary Motivating Factor is merely essential, while setting up your goal. I always recommend people to search for their P.M.F (Primary Motivating Factor) and then set their goal, else it would become a goal without any foundation, whereas You may get confused when your Brain would bait you up with some Galvanic speech and would leave you alone when time comes.

Here I would like to explain what Primary Motivating Factors are, It can be different for every human being, For Ex – One Guy is fond of Egg Bread Omelette, he eats it during breakfast everyday, however the other guy is an allergic to Eggs.

Similarly you need to find out what is in you, and what motivates you. Are you looking for a Financial Freedom ? Are you looking to become a businessman ? Do you need some work where you would get enough time to spend with your family ? Would you like to have an Individual Growth ? Would you like to help people through your goal set or become a Social Worker ?

I Hope you have got an idea of the Primary Motivating Factor. I am not saying that it has to be only one of these, I believe that you can have 2 or more, however it’s going to be your Enabler, else it won’t work for you. Still If you are in confusion – I am giving you a sequence of 5 question and requesting you to ask these 5 questions to yourself in the same sequence, because if you will change the sequence, then you won’t get the best out of you.

(a) What is your first priority ? (b) What is the reason behind choosing this ? (c) Why this is immensely essential to you ? (d) If you would not get this chance, then how this is going to affect you in the future ? (e) Why are you afraid of these results and what you can do to achieve it?

(d) Close Your Eyes Technique

Closing one’s eyes will “Help people visualize the details of the event they are trying to remember, Lead Researcher MR Robert Nash told the BBC once that it could “Help Focus.” Where as According to researchers from the University of Surrey in the UK, closing your eyes can improve your short-term memory.

I would not wonder if you do not know about it yet, because we have never been told about this technique yet. The American Famous Author “Barbara Sher” once said “The Imaginary Obstacles are Insurmountable, The Real One aren’t..” Now I would like to add something in here, that when you imagine to achieve you goals with eye closed, you brain works faster then the usual and it helps you to remove distraction and Increases your focus. Well, This could be one of the Reason that people have been told to keep their eyes closed while Offering Prayers, Irrespective of any religion in this world, because this technique gives you focus. Now, here I would like to give you a task and that would be ‘To Sit on a chair for 20 min while closing you eyes and just see what you brain has in there for you. I am quite sure that your Brian will help you and will give get you some electrifying ideas to make a difference in the world. May be that’s why people call it meditation.

These 4 Techniques will surely help you to set your goal and have a great focus. If you like this article, then please do share and help everyone by spreading the love…….

Thank You……!